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Had to get an unfill

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Hi last wednesday I went for my second fill, they gave me 1 cc on top of my 1.4 cc, I drank water and it seemed fine,

after I got home (2 1/2 hrs. later) I tried to drink a slim fast and it got stuck, it gurggled and hurt like hell. the next

morning my coffee got stuck, but eventually went down. I couldn't eat anything solid without it getting stuck. Last

night a tiny piece of chicken, smaller than a pencil eraser caused me 2 hours of walking in pain slimming and pb'ing along the

way. (thank god it was dark) So today I made an emergency visit with Kitty at the Arlington Washington location (5 hrs. round trip) and she took

out .6 cc. I now have to be on liquids for 3 days because I have irratated the band. I would never wish this kind of pain

or aggravation on anyone, so please remember that larger fills may not always be best. I now have a total of 1.8 cc and that might

still be to much :wacko:

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My 3rd fill was a large fill and ended up being to much... 3 days later I had to go get an unfill... went from 3.1cc to 2.9cc's.. those 3 days were HELL! ugh.. I now exactly what you mean. Bigger is NOT always better... well unless of course we're talking about a hot man but that's a different forum.


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Thanks, once again it's nice to know I'm not alone. It seems most the time everyone talks about

no restriction, but i tell you what, I will take no restriction over what I experianced this last week!!

I know there must be a happy medium, and i will find it .2cc at a time :lb12:

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Sorry about your troubles Linda, I am right now trying to decide if I need a tiny unfill or not! I went from 2.35 to 2.6 (that's only .25cc or 1/4 of a full cc) and it might have been too much...

I can eat solids, a few times I've been able to eat the same amount as before the fill but other times I slime/PB on liquids (anything really thinck like the protein bullets or anything really cold like ice water) I am going to give it a week and see what happens...I have lost 2lbs since the fill so that's good and I figure that I can keep down solids and get all my water in (it's just not as chilled) and if I got an unfill and it was too much I would have to pay for another fill anyways!

Glad you are feeling better, and P.S. you are looking super hot girlie!

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Thank you everyone for your concern. I am feeling much better and am able to eat again.

I have noticed that more and more of us are getting over filled and risking slippage,

My fill nurse told me if I hadn't come in when I did, I too could of slipped.

I also realized by being to tight I could only eat or drink certain things that ended

up being higher in calories than my lean cusines, and ended up gaining 2 pound with that fill.

I am back on track doing what was working for me before and I am certain I will start losing the

weight again.

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