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I was banded August 18th and suffered through the liquid stage and now I can eat. Problem is....not really sure what to eat. I have lost 15 pounds (50 to go) and I am kind of sticking to the Adkins diet. I have a BOOST protein drink in the morning and after that I eat a lean cuisine or grilled chicken. But I just wondered...what are ya'll eating everyday? Also, is it okay to have an alcoholic drink?

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Hi Francie,

My daily usually consists of the following:


Muslix Apple Crisp cereal w/skim milk or English muffin toasted w/ ham


Turkey, chicken or beef, green beans/green salad, rice (usually leftovers from prev.nite's dinner)


Chicken, fish, turkey, filet mignon

Salad/Green beans, cauliflower (any veggie, green is best)

Rice or potato

If I need a snack, I have sugarfree pudding, popcicle, fudgecicle or Pringles light (17 chips)

Protein, veggie, grain and fruit, chose and eat in that order and you will do great!

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