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exercise after banding?

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Hi, I am 7 weeks postop. I started lifting weights and cycling with trainer last week. He really focuses on holding my stomach tight. My port area gets a little sore after working out. I do not do any exercises specifically for my abs yet.

I could not find this information in my occ documents.

How long does Dr. Ortiz want us to wait before lifting weights & cycling? I thought this was 6 weeks post opt.

when can I start ab work? I thought it was 3 months post op, but not for sure.



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Guest CaraMBA09
I remember clearly .......3 months before any abdominal work.

As per Dr. Miranda this past Monday:

Walking is encouraged at all times as it helps with bloating and gas.

3 weeks post-op, you can begin running (light jogging or full out running)

6 weeks post-op, you can begin doing sit-ups


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Guest CaraMBA09
I checked my paperwork from the OCC, it said no ab work for 3 months, It is going to be hard because i can already see the loose skin. :(

hmm. I cannot find the 3 months in my paperwork at all!

I was a bit surprised that Dr. Miranda said 6 weeks was okay, I would also be a bit concerned about twisting the port. Just an FYI...running is excellant for your core! without putting the undue strain on the tummy/port area. Try jogging for short bursts on a treadmill, that is how I was able to build up to running for 3 miles at a time. Runnersworld.com has excellant articles on beginning excercising and running!

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