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Welcome to lapbandforum! I hope that your experience here is helpful and informative for you as you are on this journey to a happier life :) To get the weight loss tracker, you can go to a website like google and look up weight loss trackers. When you fill in all of the necessary info and choose what tracker you want, you will get a code. You then put that code in your signature and it will appear after all of your posts on the forum.

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I have never joined a forum before and I was wondering how you add the weight tracker on the bottom of your emails. :D

Hi Jewels! :lb14:

Welcome to our group! I joined a few months ago before having my lap band surgery and I seriously couldn't have done it without this group. They are so wonderful and almost ANY question you have can be answered.

I found that the easiest way to get the tracker is to double click on anyone's tracker and it will take you right to the site. ;)

Best of luck and I look forward to getting to know you better...:)

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