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This is a question for the ladies only

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Hello, I was also worried about the whole thing because it was my wonderful time of month during surgery. They actually did give me the paper thong and a pad to go with it. It was lovely but not the end of the world. I heard them tell the girl next to me, "no tampons." They also said that it is good to know beforehand that it is your time because they give you extra anti-nausea medications in your i.v. For some reason that time of the month seems to make you more likely to get nauseated. So, look on the bright side...You get more drugs:-) LOL Does that make you feel any better??? I sure hope so. You will find when its over, it happens so fast that it is all just a blurr anyways. A paper thong and yucky pad are a small sacrifice for the great step you are taking in your life. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Natalie

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