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Warning ..warning....a little off topic

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Did any of you see Lipstick Jungle the other night. If you did you are already laughing with me. Well I knew you could have all kinds of things shot with botox, but I did not know you could have your G-spot shot with Botox. It's called a g-spot enhancement and I forgot some of the other names. Well, if your wondering why? It is supose to increase your sensitivity in that region. In the show the character enjoys a bumpy cab ride with a smile. I did not know if this was fact or fiction. Well it turns out the procedure is real and lasts about 4 to 6 months. I do not know how factual the cab ride effect is though.

So if any of you gals have personal info on this topic ....SHARE. If you do not ....well just laugh and than go google for yourself. Ya know ya want to. Have a great day.

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I just love Lipstick Jungle and darn it, I missed it this week...I have heard about this procedure and it was also featured on Nip/Tuck. A girl I work with had her thingy peirced for added sensation..ouchywawa!!!

If I ever consider botox, it would be in my face only!

Thanks for sharing!!

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