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Allergic to the band?

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I know I have read something about this on the OCC website but I want to know if any of you know of someone or yourself had a reaction to the band?

My aunt had the sergery 14 months ago in Toronto, She is going back today to get the band removed beacuse she is not healing and has developed a reaction to the band. Now im not sure what type (brand name) she has. But the doctor is going to take it out for 6 months and see how she feels and if the reaction and infection clears up. Then if everything is ok and heals she will have it put back on if it is safe to do so, and they know she will not react again. I think they are going to do a lot of tests to make sure that it will be safe to give her the band again!

My question to you is, What are the odds that is will happen to me? Will it happen. Does the clinic talk about it when you are down there? Can you get tested before surgery insure that you are not allergic? Im nervous. I getting banded in January, and i want to make sure this is a forever thing and that I would have to have it removed!

Any advice!

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