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Sometimes I can be so forgetful......


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Hey all .... Its Sunday night and I'm panicking because I can't find my OCC information about the type of band and the size of it. I have a fill on Wednesday and I just have to give the doctor that information and of course, any paper work I have..... states nothing! I have my patient id card and that indicates that its a 10cm band but I don't know how much of a fill they can put in. Does anyone have an idea? I sent off an email to Lori last week and didn't hear anything back (I asked for a copy of the OR report so I could have it for another doctor I plan to see in Calgary for my next fill after this one) and so tonight I emailed Dr. Miranda.... and the reason why I did that was because I recall her saying something. To be honest, from the time I arrived at the OCC -- I don't remember too much. It all seems to be a blur to me ....

My question is --- does anyone know off hand the maximum amount they can put in? I certainly don't intend on getting that - but something I can give my doctor when I see him on Wednesday. Nothing like waiting til the last minute for this kind of information eh? I can always postpone the appointment, something I don't want to do -- but hope that I can give him some information when I get there!

The weight loss has become very slow ..... I'm sad about that -- although I know I have lost inches, the scale just hasn't gone down in two weeks. I gained 5 pounds while on vacation (if you can call it that --- it was more stressful than what I was expecting!) but that is now gone so I'm back to my pre-vacation weight. I've been stressed and just not feeling up to snuff..... I finally have gotten my second "aunt flo" after my miscarriage in May and I think that that's why I'm not feeling myself lately. Work is stressful and I even though I'm not stressed - my co-workers are and its driving my nuts. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend in Lake Louise ..... I have a small goal - 5 pounds - to lose before then. I bought Dance Dance Revolution for Wii and there is a weight loss section that tells you how many calories you've burned ..... I have the coordination of a yak .... its quite funny to watch! But fun. So if I stick to that and lose a few pounds I think things will turn better -- its just been stressful lately. In the end though - I am down 25 pounds that would have taken me years to have gotten rid of so I can't really be too sad.....

So if anyone has any input on the band size - I'd greatly appreciate it. I figure if I don't hear anything from them by tomorrow afternoon, I'll give the Center a call and ask them. I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Alana :wacko:

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If you're using the fill center group, they will know your band size. Call, don't email Lori and she'll be able to tell you faster than waiting for another email. The 10 cm band may be all you need. I have a 10 cc band (that's how much saline mine will hold).

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