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The OCC explained their email problem to me

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I wanted to let everyone know that right after I had posted on Julie's thread about the OCC not answering emails to me, I was contacted by Lori at the Occ and asked to resend my requests. Apparently they had some type of a computer issue during that time and they were working on the server, so we think that they were caught up in that. I sincerely do believe this as Lori had always been right on top of things before the surgery, so I can't see why it would happen otherwise. I don't know what happened with Julie (and that seems inexcusable), but I did want to write and let you know that my issue with them has been resolved. ;)

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Glad you got some response. It does make you feel better that they didn't just not respond and had a reason for this.

I think it is inexcusable that no one has tried to contact me since my urgent messages and calls on Monday and Tuesday morning. Not one call from the OCC to follow up...what is wrong ??? they should at least try to call and make sure I got taken care of, since it was the OCC who overfilled me in the first place!!! They have lost alot of credibility in my eyes. There is no excuse for not answering at least 4 direct messages and calls from a patient in an urgent situation. no excuse!! They really dropped the ball, they got my money though!!

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