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Please welcome my new friend Jodbug65!!

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Guest jodbug65

Hey everyone :D

Y'all can call me Jo :) I'm 21 and scheduled for November 6. Wow, sounds like an AA meeting huh? :P

So glad that Kathy posted this! I didn't know what to say! I'm really excited to have my surgery done and I've been reading through the forums on here for the last couple of hours- You guys give great advice! Plus, I've been a creeper and have been looking at the before and afters of some people and it's incredible! I can't wait to have my afters posted on here!

Thanks so much for welcoming me and I look forward to getting to know all of ya! Besides, I'm going to have about a hundred thousand questions and it's soooo nice to know there are people on here who can help!

Thanks again guys!


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Welcome welcome welcome!!!! We are glad to have ya here!!!!!

Keep searching through the posts you will find all kinds of fantastic information here. I know next week i'm going to go through and start writing things down from previous posts about what to take with me, what to eat, etc...

Welcome to the club! :)


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Hi Jo,

Congrats on making the decision to get banded. Two of my kids just spent the summer in Trenton @ the cadet camp, one on staff and one on the band course. I am in Oshawa.

Best of luck and Welcome!!!


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Like you, I am a 'newbie' and my surgery is next week 10/9!!! It's the best decision I've made for myself in a real long time! Also, PLEASE go over the past Posts...they are sooooo informative and lots and lots of suggestions of dos and don'ts! I've already started writing down several things I haven't thought of and good tips too!

Soon we will be on the 'other side' and will coach the new ones coming on board! CONGRATS on your decision for a better you!

Jude =)

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