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Weird Sensation on my tummy

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Ok, this might be a crazy post, but I have to ask. I have this weird sensation on my left side of my tummy. Maybe an inch to the right of the big scar, back to the left, maybe the size of a big orange.

I thought it was from the glue on my incision rubbing against clothing, but I took off the glue this morning, and now I'm aware that it is a larger area. I lifted my shirt a while ago to look and I did see a little different color. Pinkish. It almost feels like my skin is numb. And I feel the vibration of my shirt rubbing against it. It's very irritating.

Anybody ever have this? I called to the OCC yesterday, and the doctor said it would go away. However then I thought it was just my scar that was doing it.

Should I be concerned? I'm 3 weeks out and I'm going to the OCC for a fill in 3 wks.

BTW, I'm eating tonight for the first time. !! I'm having Filet Mignon. Cut very small and chewed very well. I want to enjoy it knowing that I'm ok.



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