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Band Slippage or Erossion

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I have had the band for four months now, I have had restriction for three weeks. Big difference. I am now learning what I can and cannot eat and to listen to what my body is telling me when it comes to eating. Sometimes I eat a bite or two and that's all I can get, other times the band will open after a couple of bites and let me eat. Soft foods like flounder and well cooked spinage go right down and one bite of hamuger will hurt and make me slime.

So because of this, it makes me want to know how afraid I should be of erossion and slippage.

Is there anyone out there that has experienced either of these and would they please let us know how it happened to them and what we should do to avoid it?

Thank you for your help.


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Hi Barb, with good restriction, what you are describing is normal. I am the same way. When I eat soft foods I can eat more and when I eat protein, like beef, turkey, pork or ham, I get full very quickly.

Band erosion or slippage would prevent you from eating at all..you would PB everything including liquids.

Glad you have good restriction and can't wait to see the numbers drop and new pics!!

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From what I know that was just explained to me recently most times you really have no warning this is going to/or is happening. It is alot of pain, perhaps like gas that doesn't go away and as Cathy said you can't keep anything down and are quite sick.

Prevention is the key here. I think the most important thing is DON'T overeat.

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Hi Barb,

I am a newbie and my surgery date is this coming Thursday...YIKES! BUT, my son, daughter in law, her sister and grandson had been banded a couple of months ago. After their first fill, they went to eat and then ended up going back to undo the fill...because they didn't take smaller bits or small portions. The key is to listen to your body and take small steps at all time. Remeber, each time you get a fill, your body needs to adjust to it...but you need to start slow and small again then you can adjust your portion control.

Maybe that hamburger didn't get chewed up enough?

Hope this helps a little...


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