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Post-Op diarreha

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It's very common since all you are having are liquids. Get yourself some kaopectate. Also start on some sort of fiber ASAP. I LOVE benefiber. It's a powder that dissolves completely in any liquid, they also have chewable tablets. If you get the powder benefiber put it in everything you drink. this should help in a day or to without the kaopectate but if you need relief sooner than bet that. Some folks find that apple juice also increases this so cut down on that.

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Guest CaraMBA09
Thanks for the reply julie.

I thought fiber would make me go more. I will try that. I have been drinking some diluted apple juice so I will stop that also.

I feel your pain!

I too had it and took Julies advice of benefiber. I also took some immodium which fixed me right up!

dont fear, it will eventually pass

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