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Top 5 Emotional Eating Triggers

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Top 5 Emotional Eating Triggers

By Jennifer R. Scott, About.com

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Filed In:Weight LossThese questions will help you to learn more about your emotional eating triggers and plan alternative behaviors.

Stress & Anxiety

When stress rears its ugly head, do you soothe yourself with comfort food? Does a pint of ice cream quell those butterflies in your tummy?


Does a Saturday afternoon home alone lead you to eating more than your share? Do you reach for the fridge when you feel a twinge of loneliness?


Do you get the urge to over-eat when you are mad at someone, annoyed or frustrated with yourself?


Do cravings coincide with your monthly cycle? Are you constantly hungry during your period?

Sadness & Depression

When you have the blues, does it seem you can never feel full? Do you feel so bad that only binge eating reduces the sadness?


contains some good information if you click on the link --


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Amen to that Jann!!!!

But I am doing better...trying to use distraction or avoidance.

Hehe! Me too! I'm the queen of cigarette avoidance now! Course, hubby isn't appreciating me spraying OUST in his general direction every time he lights a smoke!

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Good for you Jann...I am on the road to being smoke free by Jan 1/09, going to get some Champix.

Excellent Kitty! Let me know how that goes. I sent hubby a link to see if he was interested as well. You are gonna be one sexy non smoking mama! hehe --

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