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I had my 3rd fill today... Well on the 22nd of September I went for my 2nd fill and found out the 1cc from my 1st fill was missing so he only added back 1 cc to put me back where I should have been which was 2 cc's. Well I went in today for another fill since I did not feel any restriction from my second fill and he added .5 and had me go into the lobby and sip on water and then later came back in and asked if I felt anything, well I didnt so he took me back again and took it all out and added 3 cc's in that time... Had me go sit in the lobby and sip water and I could feel it! RESTRICTION! YAY!

I am so glad to finally be at this point to where I actually know what restriction feels like... I have to be on cold liquids today and tomorrow because he said cold liquids help with the swelling.. So no broths or any of that for me just cold liquids....

Well anyways I had a headache before I even got there and so when I left I stopped by the gas station and got a fuze drink and some Tylenol sinus and chewed them up and swallowed them and boy could I feel a difference!

Just wanted to give an update...Wish me luck! :D

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Trina, I am very happy for you, Just remember to chew chew chew, and don't try to wash anything down that might get

stuck. glad to hear from you. you have been missed.

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Thank you guys so much for your sweet words and encouragement! I sure hope this is it for me... I really want to get some of this weight off before hubby comes home in Jan. and I sure hope this is the sweetspot... I started walking 3 miles a day after I get off work and doing some toning exercises with my ball and thigh master so hope to start seeing a change in my body soon...

Today I started on mushies.. I had a scrambled egg for breakfast and some pintos and cheese from taco bell for lunch so far so good.. Haven't tried solids yet but I can definitely tell a difference in the amount that I have eaten so far...

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Way to go, Trina! I hope you are starting to feel the restriction you long awaited. I'm right there w/ you. I had my 3rd fill today and now have a total of 3.6 cc's in my band. I hope it will help kickstart my weight loss again, and yours too!

Good luck to you. I'll be following your progress to see how you are doing.


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