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I have had spontaneous hiccups all my life due to laughing or eating to fast or other things. But since I have had the band, my hiccups scare me because it feels like hiccuping is doing the same thing to my stomach that throwing up does. I feel like I am doing damage to my stomach and the band because of these hiccups. Also, they hurt worse now that I have the band. I would hate to have it slip simply because I laugh a lot and get the hiccups. I am just curious if anyone else has this problem and what you have done about it. Also, I have tried every hiccup remedy out there and I have a trick that works, however I have to drink water. I am wondering which is worse for me: drinking on a full stomach (usually only one gulp, sometimes two) or continuing to hiccup. Any information or opinion would be appreciated.

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For many banded patients, hiccups are what's referred to as a soft stop. It's your body's way of telling you to stop eating before it really tells you to stop eating (pb). Different people have different soft stops. Some people experience an ache in their lower back on shoulder but it all means the same thing. Of course, you can still get hiccups the normal ways.

Hiccuping isn't nearly as violent as a vomit session. A hiccup is caused by a spasm in the diaghram which is below and completely separate from the stomach whereas vomiting is a violent process involving the entire stomach. I've yet to hear of anyone causing a slip through hiccuping or belching.

The best way I've found to get rid of the soft stop hiccups is to take as much of a deep breath as I can, then lean backwards as far as I can and stretch out my stomach. The best results happen when I'm leaning backwards over my balance ball.

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I get the hiccups too, more especially if I eat too fast, but sometimes I still get them when taking my time. I always stop eating once they start. They only last about a minute or so, so hopefully they are harmless.


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