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Lap Band - Side Affects

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I would like to know if anyone with the lapband has ever experienced any sharp pain on the left side of their stomachs.

When I say pain I mean a sudden sharp pain, as if it were an electric shock, that fast.

I’m getting these pains and they just started but it has me concerned. I don’t want the sudden bursts to get more frequent and I certainly do not want my port to tilt or move.

If anyone has ideas what it might be or why it’s happening, please advise. And yes I am waiting for my doctor’s office to call me back with an available appointment.

I just feel like when you go see these doctors here in the states they are hesitant in seeing you just because you’ve had surgery (Lap Band) done in Mexico.


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Well, I'm probably not much of help ... buuuuut ....

I had the uncomfortable feeling (port area) like you described in the first few weeks after being banded,

but only if I took a too big of a sip of water or bite to eat (after day 21)

It dissapeared all of a sudden and I haven't gotten that feeling again.

Maybe someone else can help you out ?

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I had the left shoulder/neck pain, but not the stomach pain you are describing. I think you did the right thing by calling the doctor. Hopefully, they will call you back with some good advice!

Take care, and let us know what they say.


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Did you hear back from the doctor yet? That sounds really serious! I had port tenderness pain, but nothing like what you are describing.

Keep us posted.


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