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Getting close...Getting ancy

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So i've got some good, bad and a need for a kick in the pants! I'll just put it all in one post...

So the good news, I came to a fun realization today. I start my pre-op diet in the morning and as usual I got on the scale to see where I was at. When doing that, I realized today is the heaviest I will ever be! That was a really nice feeling! That realization helped a lot! I've been kind of bummed thinking about the things I will be missing out on after this (although there is no way they trump how good I will feel!) so this helps.

But here is where I need help. I know this is stupid, this is why I am coming to you all for advice on how to knock it. This last week i've been feeling really guilty about the time I will be missing work. We are pretty short staffed and I am the director of the office and I keep thinking about taking the laptop and all the other ways I can do work while I am gone. HELP! I know I need to do this for myself, but I keep just laying there at night feeling bad about leaving - i'll be off Wed and then returning that next Wed.

Any advice is really helpful. Bring on the shakes!!! :)

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I know how you feel about missing time. If it helps I was gone the day before surgery, the day of, the day after and back to work right after that with no problem. I kept in touch with the office on my blackberry. Chin up, with today's technology you are never really gone!


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Thanks so much! I've never taken more than a day off since I began working there and I've been prone to do the same at other jobs. I know I need to not feel guilty about it, but it is difficult. Something I really need to work on.

Yesterday I finally told my two best friends about all this and they were really great about it! I was worried that they wouldn't be. Mostly just because they care, not jealousy or anything. It was funny, they both said I will be motivation to them now b/c one is getting married in May and the other and I are in her wedding. She was like damnit, now I really gotta lose some weight before the wedding! It was funny!

HOpe you all had a great weekend!!!


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Shelby honey...this is the one time you got to think of yourself and only yourself. I, too, am a workaholic and hardly ever take time off work. BUT, we got to think of ourselves...the job will still be there when you get back...so stop worrying and relax. I had to remind myself why I am doing this and, of course, the reality of it all came back and I don't feel guilty of taking some time off for me. This is a new adventurous road for me and it's worth it to me to have a healthier lifestyle!

Hope this helps you!

Jude =)

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