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Ripped off from book company

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I ordered Dr Ortiz's book at the end of October and the total cost was 12.95 and my husband got the confirmation email saying the ordered had been placed, however when we saw the charge on our credit card it says it is for 129.50 someone moved the decimal point and over charged us. We have since emailed the email address that we got from the confirmation several times requesting the refund be put back on our credit card for the overcharge. We have not had that done or a response back. As to say my husband and I are very furious.

Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know of a contact phone number where we can reach someone about this. We are ready to call Dr Ortiz's office soon. There is no phone number attached with the email (how nice is that) I dont know what to do Any advice.

Jenn P

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Hi Jen

That is horrible..I'm sorry to hear this. I'm sure it was an honest mistake. You need to call Dr. Ortiz's office today and let them be aware of this and maybe they have a number for you to contact the book company. Have you recieved the book yet? Jen the hosting company for the book site is Spaceout media and it may be a coincidence but one of the moderators or administrators for this site is spaceout so maybe it is his or her hosting company and maybe he or she can help you....try sending him or her a PM. Spaceout media is also the host of this site as well.. I just replied to the confirmation email and asked if they have a phone number, howl ong will the book take to get delievered, what wil thecharge say on my credit card statement. etc..so we will see if I get a reply and if I do I will let you know

p.s. I just sent Spaceout a PM so we will see what the reply is, I will let you know when I get any info Jen

Good Luck

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Hi Harold...NOBODY got ripped off

So please do not think that or spread that rumor

If you or anyone else here tried calling Dr. Ortiz's office you would of been told the same thing I was told...there has been a delay in publishing and that is it! As far as the few that were overcharged that was a clerical error and has been taken care of too.

If any of you would like to call the publishing company yourselves please send me a message and I will give you there number. From what I was told the books shouldbe shipped out Nov 29th...which is today!

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I saw Dr. Ortiz today for a check up

I asked about the book. He told me they are being shipped this week. yes there was a delay ..As far as the publishing company..check your emails frequently..I recieved a reciept today stating I was charged the correct ammount..Be looking for your books in the coming days ! They are on there way according to Dr. Ortiz :)

I also got this message today from speacout media today who is the host site for both this web site and the booksweb site

Hi Michelle,

Yes, my company does host both of the web sites but we have nothing to do with processing the books orders. At the request of Dr. Ortiz, I added a contact page to the book's web site that you can use to contact the Publisher. You can find it here:


As you can imagine, Dr. Ortiz is furious about the delays with the publisher and also the mistakes that were made with charging people incorrectly. From what I have been told, all of the mistakes with charging people incorrectly have been corrected. Hopefully that's true.



Chad Smith

Spaceout Media


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Just thought I would let you all know that I recieved my book on Friday ..I ordered it on November 17th but I got it! What a great book! I was also charged the correct ammount on my credit card. Hope you al lget your books soon, there are on their way!

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