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Need advice/encouragement

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I will be banded on October 20th. On the 21st day post-op, I will be entering into the solid food phase and also going out of town for work for 2 weeks. I am so nervous about starting my solids away from home. Since I will be in travel status, I will have to eat out at restaurants. Please provide some advice on what to do. Should I just do full liquids an additional 2 wks until I return back home?

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I would consider eating salads with protein sources like hard boilded egg and cheese in it, try to go easy on the dressings as they add a lot of fat. Also stick with creamy soups or add in chili. Seafood and Fish are usually good choices as the fish should be fairly moist, lower in calories and fat.

I would not eat mashed potatoes and would limit the pasta and avoid rice and bread.

Best of luck!

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