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Boy am I red in the face....

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First off, my fill went great. I'm down a whoppin 1 pound. LOL All this time I thought I had a 10cc band but it is a 4cc band. I have been ranting about only getting 1cc at my first fill.....ya wll no wonder I only got 1cc. :lb12: I am such a silly girl!!!!! :)) What else can you do but laugh after a boo boo like that? Anyway I now have 1.6cc in a 4cc band. The doctor also told me not to go longer than 3 weeks if I need another fill. I should know in 2 weeks if I need a fill. Here's to a hopefull weightloss.



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I think a lot of people have made that mistake about the band size. The card you get from the OCC says 10 CM. People read that and think they have the 10 CC band. But the 10 CM band only holds the 4 CC of saline, I think it can get quite confusing. So don't feel bad. Your not the only one to make that mistake.

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