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Band experts, please help!

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Hello all,

I just had robotically assisted prolapse surgery 4 days ago and am suffering with severe shoulder pain and sometimes chest pain when sitting in a chair. I was tilted head down for over 4 hours during surgery and so I know alot shifted inside me. I haven't called the doc yet and have just been suffering. I have no appetite(good thing), but do eat my protein to survive.

Does anyone have any clue at all if this suffering could be band related? Like maybe the band itself or something shifted and is causing pressure in there or pinching a nerve or something? I just don't know and am feeling so down and sick and in so much pain. Yes, I will call the doctor, but thought I would ask here first just in case.

Thanks for any and all replies or suggestions.



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I'm hardly a band expert - or any sort of medical professional - but my first thought is that you're having a standard reaction to gas blown into your peritoneum during your surgery. I don't know much about prolapse surgery, I'm just guessing that they do that. I know a lot of bandsters suffer from shoulder pain and sometimes chest pain due to the gas.

But again, I'm far from an expert, and if you're having more discomfort than your doctor told you you might than definitely call and get their opinion and make sure you're okay. You don't want to take any chances with your health!

Good luck - I hope you feel better soon.


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