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Follow-up in Washington, DC

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Hi Pam

aftercare in other states when banded in another country can be tricky. Many US dos will not do aftercare or follow -up on patients banded in Mexico, and if they do they charge an arm and a leg. I know of 2 women banded by Dr. Ortiz and live out of state, one in PA and one in IN, they both fly back to Mexico for follow up and aftercare, it is cheaper to fly back then what the Dr's in their area is going to charge them.Not to mention you have the best Dr. doing your surgery so I would think you would want the same for aftercare also.. It is vital , if you do not plan on going back to Mexico for aftercare to pre arrange it prior to your surgery. So many women dont and so many women have problems and have no choice but to go back to Mexico

Here is a good site to locate a Dr. in your area


at the top of the page click on surgeon locator and then just start calling all on the list to see if the will do follow up on Mexican patients. You can also ask Dr. Ortiz if he knows of any Dr.s in Washington

Best of Luck to you

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