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Another Fill Post...

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Hey All,

I had my first fill on October 10th...2cc in a 4cc band. I have had very little restriction since...a couple of times I have had the throat lump, but other than that...nada. Do you think November 7th is too early to get a second fill? I live in San Diego so, I go to the OCC for fills. How much should I request? I realize that people have had too tight problems recently, but I literally have had practically no restriction and lost no weight since the fill. (I must admit, it is a conscious effort for me still to not drink with my meals. I am always just so thirsty and this probably plays into my issues). I am making a huge effort to not drink with my meals, but still no restriction and still I can eat. So, how much do I request? Or do I get to request?

Thank you in advance for any advice/help! I appreciate it.


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