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Torrid 50% off Clearance

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OHHHHHH.. EVIL to show me this today!! I just ordered almost $100 worth of stuff for my jamaica trip in december!

Great idea! The only problem I have is if I order for my trip in March to the Bahamas, I have no clue what size I will be by then...I will have a look though, I am sure something will appeal to me!! I am Cathy and I am a shopaholic!! LOL!!!

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:-h Hi Cathy!!! AHAHAHA I already spent too much money this week with Old Navy's discount which wasn't as good as Torrid's, but I already got my shipment.

Mig, What did ya get?

I ordered 2 pairs of bermudas and 1 pair of shorts... 2 belts, 2 pairs of shoes, 1pairs of capri pants, 2 shirts and a couple thong panties... ha! total with $10 for shipping was like $96! wow!! Torrid starts at a size 0 (12) ... I ordered size 0 or 1 in tops and 16 in bottoms... I hate for things to be TIGHT.... especially when it's hot! I would rather have a little baggy/low slung on the hips in my short/bermuda/capri and a nice fitting top ... so while the waist it big now on my 16's... my hips/butt aren't gonna be ready for a 14 for awhile... I also bought stuff from OLD Navy when they were having there huge sale and had to send all the 18's back... what a great feeling!

What did everyone else order?

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