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First Fill, Thanks for the info Julie

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I am headed for TJ in a bout 40 minutes for my first fill and it can't come soon enough! I have zero restriction and have

been on a plateau for weeks! I am so glad about all the informative posts here , especially the one from Julie regarding her

last fill at OCC. I will know all the right questions to ask now, thank you! :D:rolleyes:

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Hi calicoast, so glad I could help inform you to know what to ask.

:lb11: on the fill. Now remember you may not get restriction with the first fill. If you do that' wonderful. You may get some immediately or it may take a few days to get it. It may not last very long though so just remember this is a process. I hope you are lucky and do get some restriction to see how this helps with your eating.

Keep us posted

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Ok, I just got back from OCC, and while I was there, there was a film crew there to flim a story about a teen who

got the Lap Band from Dr. Ortiz which will air on the tv show, " The Doctors", the Dr. Phil new show!

He said it will air in appx 2 weeks & to look for it!

Anyway, I got 1.6 cc of fill; I hope it works! I'm eating black bean soup as I type and so far, no problems... lol

Julie: I did refer to you and your problems without naming names, ( I kept it vague...) and he told me they did have a MAJOR

internet & Telephone cable that went out and affected the entire city for a long time...

AND, I had left my favorite pillow at the Lucerna during my initial surgery 6 weeks ago, and OCC retrieved and held it for me

this whole time! So happy to have it back... haha

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