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My plateau broke. Thanks for all the support

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:lb6: Felt hopeless but everyone helped. :lb11: :lb23: :lb4: Yes, I took everyone's advice and ate, took in calories, and had my second fill 10/10/08. ;) Dr. Acosta gave me a great fill. I feel almost too restricted as I eat slightly less than the 1/3rd rule, but band is loosening.

Stayed in SanDiego (with parents) for a few days , and went to Puerto RIco for 5 days. Wt did nothing. <_<

I am very restricted but can drink and eat, just a few bites. worse in the AM, can feel like I am suffering, wanting to EAT but can't...The mourning goes on. :(( BUT...

Came back from Vay K, eat what ever I want, good food. :good3:

This is a sample of what I might eat in a day (changes alot daily):

AM- Coffee with fat free 1/2 & 1/2, with one scoop of protein powder, 3-5 bites of yougart or omelet :popcorm1:

Lunch- Drink 42 gms of protein in my water (protein bullet), eat protein bar (I have a job where I cannot sit and eat lunch for 30 minutes. so I bite off protein bar and CHEW. Later, another bite). :popcorm2:

Dinner- 1 oz protein (meat, cheese), salad, veg, mashed potatoes, rice, or sweet potatoes. Eat off a lunch plate. (My grocery bill and restaurant tabs for my hubby and are have gone down by 1/2, duh.) :drinks:

Snack- baked apple, cool whip free. Or 100 cal pudding. :wub: I do not eat after 8 oclock.

I have lost 8# in a week. =D> :lb21:I am slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that I am so much better off not restricting my calories AND drinking protein in my water. I must eat three meals a day, and when I am hungry. Nothing they didn't tell us at the time of surgery but I had to test it all, I guess. Thank you for all of your help and support for the 6 weeks I did not lose weight and was freaking out. :lb20: And the recent post on how to handle a plateau is right on. The excitement of losing weight can tempt me to get more restrictive about what I eat instead of relaxing and eating what I want. Again, thank you all. Ellen

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Look at you! EIGHT pounds one week? You are a rock star. I've come to the conclusion that what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. Each of our bodies has different needs and different approaches. Sounds like you have found yours. What a babe you are! I just love pics!


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You are doing just fantastic and looking wonderful....increase the meat /protein portion at dinner sweetie, you need 3-4 oz.

Keep it up!!!

I am having trouble eating enough protein (I cannot get down scrambled eggs, or meat easily), one of the reasons I am adding it to my water. I will keep trying- figure the band will loosen up as I lose wt.

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Thank you for all of the replys. I know I watch for your posts and so appreciate getting to know all of you. I do not know what women/men do who do this by themselves. Ortiz does 9/day now (per dr acosta) so where are all of those 45/week, >2250/yr. people. You know a lot of them are doing it by themselves.

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