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Just had to share my NSV..... I love black and as the saying goes, "I will wear black until they make something darker" - I love to wear black slacks. All of mine had grown too baggy, which in itself is a great NSV. Went into Old Navy just just to look. I generally can't find anything to wear in there. (Our old Navy doesn't have a plus size section) So, I decide to try on a pair of new black slacks in a size that I haven't fit into in well... forever and THEY FIT! A little tight, but I didn't leave the dressing room in tears. It may not seem big to some, but what a feeling to go into a "normal" sized store and find a pair of pants that fit. Once I loose all of my weight I vow to never set foot in another Lane Bryant again :rolleyes: ..... thanks for letting me share - Cari

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What a fantastic feeling! Congrats! :)

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