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Banded on Aug. 19, 2008 (Updated)

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I was banded on August 19, 2008. I have been overweight all my life. Well I just resistly went thru a divorce. I was depressed and I gain all my weight back that I had lost from the diet I was on this time. When I started out I weighed 278 pounds. The day of my banding I was at 271, and I have been doing great. I am so happy I had this done. I feel so much better and am so positive on the changes this is going to do in my life. At my last doctor's visit I was down to 241.6 (loss 37 pounds in 9 weeks). I will not go back to the doctor for another 7 weeks, after the Thanksgiving holiday, but I am positive that I will be fine over the holiday. My biggest accomplishment from the surgery is, I was a heavy soda drinker. I would drink sodas from the sun up til sun down. And the day of my surgery, I quit drinking soda (cold turkey). I am so proud of myself for that. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. Thanks for listening. Sandra :-h

Tomorrow it will be 4 months since I was banded. I have lost 51 pounds so far. I feel great and I am still drinking just water, no soda's for me. I am going to Curves for Women 5 days a week, and the inches are just falling off. I would recommend this procedure to anyone. When I went back to the doctor last thursday, I weighed 227. I plan to keep going. Good luck to everyone else.


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jSandra! I love hearing these kind of posts!!

You should be PROUD of yourself! That is a great accomplishment. I, too, was a soda pop drinker and surprisingly enough, I don't miss it, as of yet. HA! I was banded just 3 weeks ago and still going strong.

It's even a bigger accomplishment for you to lose that much in 9 weeks. You are inspiring me. Keep up the good work and yes, keek us posted on your progress.

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That is absolutely fantastic...congrats on all your success! :)

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Great job on your weight loss. That's amazing!!

I, too, was a heavy diet coke addict and I quit cold turkey also. I actually don't miss it at all and that surprised the heck out of me. Before my surgery (10/10/08) I was sooooo worried about the soda thing, but really it hasn't been a big deal at all. The water I drink instead now is healthier and I feel better. No more crazy caffeine ups and downs.

Plus, I live in Utah now and everyone here drinks water.

Thanks for keeping us posted and keep up the good work!!

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You know, I was a nervous wreck until I arrived in TJ then all of the sudden this wave came over me and I was ready to go! I think a lot of it is because I had done so much research and talking in here. I think it was more the anticipation of the event and when it actually arrived I was ready.

You know, i've been on so many diets. My mom took me to a nutritionist in like 5th grade and i've been off and on since. AFter a while, I think as I started each one I had such a self-destructive attitude and sabatoged it from the get go. I had failed so many times I just didn't see how another one could work. But this time just feels so different and i'm taking a very different attitude about it. I see so many people in here being successful and it shows me it can be done.

I'm not gonna lie...I have about the same willpower as my goofy dog KC who took my brother's dinner off his plate right in front of him tonight! :P But I know most of it is willpower and attitude so i'm working really hard on that. I am visualizing myself 6 months from now and where I could be and also telling myself that I DESERVE it, which I haven't done a good job of doing in the past.

Hope this helps! As you get closer to your date you will get even more nervous, but use this group!

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