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My Halloween Costume Pics

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I wasn't really planning on dressing up for Halloween, when my hubby and I do dress up it's usually in matching themed costumes (Barney and Betty, Tarzan and Jane, etc) but we've been so busy that we didn't get costumes this year. Then today my hubby came home with a Darth Maul (from Star Wars) mask and I didn't want to be the only one not dressed up so I grabbed a dress and some boots from my closet threw on some eyeliner and put a flower in my hair and I was a "hippie"... Here are the pics:

My costume:


Our family:


Again but with Brady in his mask:


Russell and I the night before Halloween going to dinner:


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

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Michelle - we ALWAYS love to see progressive pictures...no matter what! GREAT pics of you all....especially you to see your recent pictures of your weight loss. AWESOME Michelle!

You are gorgeous and that glow on your face!! You can really 'tell' you love you...

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You look great! And that is a really cute dress!!

I didn't dress up - just took my niece out trick or treating but when I get the pics downloaded (my adaptor is at work) i'll post one. She was too cute so I must brag! And she was such a big girl, after a while she told me, you stay there...I do it myself! :)

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Very, very cute. We've been missing you. And I just looovveee the back dress. Very classy.

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Your pics were too cute! Everytime I see some of you pictures I have to stamp down the green eyed monster a little bit - you are just too lovely for your own good girl! :P Its too funny that Kittycat mentioned Carrie Underwood because I was thinking you reminded me of someone but couldn't place it and that's it Carrie.

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