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Update on Reneej

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven't updated you sooner. Many of you know that my band had nearly closed for some reason, which left me with no intake and lots of pb'ing (7-9 times a day). Well, I did go to my fill Dr. After our discussion, he decided to to totally unfill me. He stated that he couldn't say for sure why my band had closed up. He asperated 3 cc. It's just so bizarre that this just happened all at once.

Needless to say, I was so disappointed :( I burst into tears, I just didn't want to start over. My Dr. was very, very comforting, he said, "look at it this way you are 42 lbs. healthier than you were" Folks, I was able to eat and drink immediately. :) . It had gotten pretty bad, I had 0 energy and was nearly dehydrated. Nothing would stay down, I couldn't even keep my saliva down.

I have a 3 hour drive home now after this visit, so I got a hot n sour soup to drink on my way home and a large lemon water. yum! Oh my gosh, food, finally. It was sooooooooooo good. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to be able to eat now. And how good it tastes. The results were immediate.

I go back Nov 11, for my first re-fill! :D And I do need it, I have gained about 4-5 lbs. so it is much needed. We will be in New York for Thanksgiving! and I want some control with me.

I can't begin to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and advice. You all rock!


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I'm glad you feel so much better - would be interesting to know what causes the band to close up...

Your health is most important in this journey and why you got the band in the first place. You'll see you will be right on track again ;)

Good luck with your next fill and keep us posted !!

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Hi Renee...so sorry you had such a hard time with this...but like Donna says, just a minor set back. And by your writing, it sounds like you are going to be ok and you are picking up the pace with positive motivation! GREAT!

Please keep us posted on your progress and thanks for sharing this experience. It would help me and the others to know what are the options. I love the way you motivate yourself to go forward...WTG!

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Don't think of it as starting over, think of it as the healthy way of going forward with this lifestyle change.

Having restriction is great and we all strive for it, but if you are so tight you can't eat, that's not healthy.

I wish you luck and so happy you are feeling better and still pumped to continue your journey!!

Take care!

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Sorry about the problem you experienced but so glad you were able to get to your fill/unfill doctor. I hope your "first" fill goes well :) Hugggs!!!

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