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Pre-Banding/ New Banding Advice


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Hi there everyone! I am sooo excited, and a little bit nervous, as I am 3 days

pre-banding. I have tried to go on a liquid diet (Ice blended Mocha's are liquid,

right???), and have made some mediocre soup, and froze some for after my surgery. I

couldn't stay completely away from solids, and have had some really good food - but then again, if I had any kind of control over my eating, I wouldn't need the band - now would I?

I've read alot of the posts on the bandster groups, and my mom is 2 years

banded, so I think that I have a good grasp on what to expect post - op, but I have some

questions about pre - op, and during healing stuff.

1. What are some really beneficial things that I can do to make my surgery go


I know about the liquids to try to shrink my stomach for a more snug fit, but

are there other things?

2. What are the best tasting and most nutritional ready-made juices and soups

for the post op period? I also like to cook, so if anyone has any favorite recipes, I'd

appreciate them as well.

3. I use Shaklee vitamins on a regular basis, and know that I will have

difficulty with pills - what are the alternatives, and for how long will it be an issue?

4. What should I pack to bring with me?

Thanks so much for the benefit of your experience.


Dr. Ortiz


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Hi Barrie

When you go to Mexico..take along a good book to read. You will have lots of time on your hands during the pre op tests. Also for your traveling companion take along some snacks, the hotel has awesome food so thats no the issue but the hospital has all vegan foods. I was given this same advice so I took some snacks for my husband and they defiantely came in handy for him at the hospital. I also took some Gas X with me for the ride home if I had gas pains and some adult strength liquid tylenol (wal mar or sav-on) in case I had pain.

When you are home just make sure you have lots of juices and gatorades, chicken broth, vegetable broth , beef broth jello and popsicles those will be your main source of clear liquids for the first 2 weeks. Day 8 you can add skim milk 1/2 cup and day 10 post op you can start to add protein shakes. It is mainly 3 weeks of liquids. You will get all the post op info from Marissa once you meet with her.

Good Luck to you, you will love Dr. Ortiz & martinez and his entire staff.

Come and post when you get home and let us all know how it went.




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