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New to Lap-Band Would like to Talk

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I'm sure there are many like me, just found out about the new procedure. We all have questions that many of you can answer who have done this. I am 46, a Diabetic, for 10 years on pills, 5'11" 255 BMI 36.7. After reading many topics, I felt like this procedure could help me get my weight down to about 200 and could possibly reverse my medical problem, has anyone had an experience like me?


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Hi Danno, There are many people out there with the band who had your similar problems and many of them have had great success with reducing their medication and some not taking it any longer at all. Here is another great site for support on the band that is more active then this one is, where lots of its members have had similar medical problems like you, I know they all will be happy to answer any questions for you


Good Luck

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