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I just had my first Fill today (4 weeks post surgery). I received 2 cc's of saline. My band size is 10cm. Is this a typical fill? What is your experience with getting your first Fill? Were you immediately restricted? Did you start losing weight right away? How soon did you get your next Fill?

Inquiring minds want to know! :rolleyes:

THank you.


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Hi Cindy

I have a 4 cc Inamed Band

I had my surgery 9 weeks post op June 7th and I had lost 20 lbs up until that point and had 1.1cc's. August 16th I had my 2nd fill and had lost 45 pounds up intil that point and had . 9 cc's to make a total of 2 cc's. I am currently still with that fill level and have lost 72 lbs to date. My first fill took about a week for me to notice a difference, my 2nd fill I felt instantly. Best of Luck to you with your new fill...

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I had my surgery done on November 4th and have not had any restriction to speak of since I had the surgery. I've experienced no PBing, no feeling really full or sick, I am able to eat all foods still, etc. I did lose about 8 pounds, but all from being on the liquids. Because of this lack of restriction I was anxious to get my first fill. I just had my first fill (1.5) about a week ago and I really don't feel any different. When I was watching my stomach under the fluoroscopy during the fill I felt like there was restriction, but I think it was all psychological. It is cool to see the liquid flow through the band though and I do feel like the doctor gets better control by watching the barium flow through the stomach under the fluoroscopy.

I have a feeling I am going to be one of those people who needs several fills before feeling that restriction that I want so much. I know I should be happy that I am not feeling sick or PBing, but I feel like if I at least had this feeling I would know this was working. Oh well. I'll probably be back to Dr Ortiz's office in a little over a month for my second fill. Dr. Martinez advised to wait at least a month before the second fill.

Good Luck!

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Has everyone that is talking about fills gone back to Mexico?? I am still debating on the 7 hour flight. Also I am nervous about getting from the airport to TJ. I would not want to go without that driving taking me. What has everyone else done? When you have a fill is it hard to keep anything down?? Do people that have lost so much weight avoid all sugar, potatoes, regular dressing??? What is the secret to being so successful??

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Ok - I think this time it worked. I had my 2nd fill on Wed. January 12th. 1.5 cc's. I have been on liquids since Wed nite. I experienced my first PB yesterday trying to eat Chicken Noodle soup - sans the noodles. The tiny pieces of chicken and soft carrots wouldn't go down with out a fight. It was very painful. Anyone watching me eat would have thought I had brain freeze (you know when you eat/drink something ice cold too fast and you get a splitting head ache). This morning I had a 1/2 cup of coffee and three bites of oatmeal. The oatmeal was very painful going down. I'm still hungry but afraid to eat. That's fine with me. After 8 weeks, I have yet to lose any weight so I am very anxious to get this started.

I do not like getting fills - my Dr. had a hard time finding the port and was pushing down and moving it around and ouch! : :lol:

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i had my surgery on dec.8,04

i leave to TJ tomorrow morning for my first fill. i am very excited, and i hope all goes well.

i lost 8lbs the first few days and by the end of second week i was down a total of 20 lbs, then slowly since then :angry: now i am down another 5 :P i know they say it slows down but it's kind of a tease. i hope after my fill i will lose at least another 20 lbs fast :rolleyes:

i feel great and i have joined weight watchers and a gym. the gym helps me stay focused. i sleep better and i don't get as hungry so quick or cravings either. and weight watchers helps me to not eat over the calories i'm allowed.

good luck all!!! carol gonzales


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