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canned soup/homemade soup?


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2 questions , beginning with most important

1. Ha ha, like most bandsters, I am a good cook. I am 7 days post op, and okay to start creamy soups. I don't much like canned pea soup, but can make my own with some nice powdered flavorings (onion powder, etc) from a bag of dried peas. Is this okay to do, as long as I strain the soup? Also, you can buy creamy squash soup in a box now, and it is quite expensive, like $3.00/box for 2 small servings. I can make my own squash soup and it is made by using a blender for the squash. It can easily be strained. Any problems with making the soup, rather than buying a box of it?

2. I want to have one of the ticker counters below my posts. Though I have registered for one, I can't get it to take. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your advice--Sandra :huh:

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Hi, I like you prefer homemade soups. I am 4 1/2 weeks post-op. During the creamy stage I made my own soups and just strained them like you said. The reason they tell you not to use a blender is because of all of the air that it whips into the food. But if you are straining it, I don't see why that should be a problem.

Hey by the way, congratulations on your banding. And when it comes to the ticker, it took me several tries. If you go back to a few conversations, Chad has a post on how to do the ticker. Are you going to "Tickerfactory.com" That was the one that I was able to get to work for me. Good Luck! :-h

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