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What's the deal with rice


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I've read rice is a no-no, but why? Is it unhealthy?

A lot of my favorite Lean Cuisines have rice and I haven't had any problems getting it down. It seems like rice helps fill me up too.

Rice is NOT a 'no-no' food. I eat rice about 3 times a week...just only 1/4 cup worth (2oz), any flavor. Rice is carbs and so we need to eat this stuff in moderation. Also, there are several rice out there...long grain, brown rice, instant, sticky rice, etc, that some can eat and some can't. It's a trial in error for YOU and your body ~ what works for you may not for another.

It's hard when someone says NO you can't have a certain food! All the more I want it! So, my way of loving this staple/carb food, KNOWING I can still eat rice, I won't go over 3 servings a week. My mind accepts this 'compromise' and relieves my cravings. Since I've started this thought process on certain foods, I've noticed, that my 'wanting' is not so strong but tend to want more veggie or fruit instead. So, my mind is already thinking more healthier on it's own. WOW!

Again...I LOVE my band!

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