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The WORST FIST FIGHT over "FAT" I have ever seen!!

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Okay, I just want to vent something here. I just got back from taking my dog on a walk in the Marina (near the water). When I was walking back, these 2 very attractive women were blocking my path, so I could not walk through them; so I just lingered around waiting for them to move. They were having a HUGE fight....screaming and yelling at each other, with an audience of 50+ people. Apparently one of the women "stole" the other's boyfriend. (The boyfriend was actually there, leaning against a tree and laughing at them.) The fight progressively got worse...they were calling each other f!@king bi#@hs, skanky whores, nasty looking crack heads, drunk sluts, stupid ignorant losers and some other words I won't even mention....etc....they were flipping each other off, one turned around, pulled her skirt up and bent over saying "you can kiss my ass"....then they called each other the forbidden three letter word...."FAT"; :o one said "nasty disgusting fat ass" to be exact...AND THAT is when they both absolutely LOST THEIR MINDS and before you could blink, they attacked each other and were literally throwing punches and rolling around on the ground. They continued to call each other FAT, just with different adjectives in front of the word. It was really BAD; I was actually scared because they were on the cement pulling each other's hair with their heads hitting the ground and I said a prayer that neither one would have a traumatic brain injury from the sheer impact. The rage that they had for each other after being called fat was incredible. (Let me just mention here that they were TINY and neither of them weighed more than 110 pounds!!) (

I just stood there thinking, wait a minute, :-? these women were yelling and called each other the most horrible, degrading, insulting names one could ever say and the breaking point, the most horrible insulting UNFORGIVING word for them was to call each other FAT. Apparently, you can be "ugly, ignorant, a whore, a liar, a drunk, a drug addict, a theif, a home wrecker", etc; all of these names which imply you hurt other people....but the worst thing you can be is "FAT".) :( FYI, someone eventually called 911 and the police showed up in 5 minutes and they were both arrested....but they continued to shout how fat the other was even from the back of a police car.

What kind of a world are we living in?? Calling someone an f$!king bi@#h is allowed, but calling someone FAT warrants PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. Apparently, you can be a wonderful, ethical, genuine, intelligent, compassionate person, but if you are FAT, that is the most terrible thing in the world. :lb12:

I hate to admit it, I am really not too suprised, but logically I think that is soooooo screwed up. And to see that predjudice in full physical color just hurt my heart and made me actually sick to my stomach, so self-conscious and ashamed. Not to sound conceited, but I believe I am a great person, super supportive, very compassionate,and have worked hard to accomplish what I have in life; I actually LIKE myself and think I have a good soul, but the one thing that I am always aware of because it influences most of my decisions is that I am FAT. I'm so tired of being ashamed :lb12:

Anyway, I have tears in my eyes right now thinking about it....THANK YOU for listening....

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HA... thats crazy! I am so sorry you had to see that. It's funny that being called "fat" set them off so violently. But have to say I'm not surprised... getting into a fist fight over some dude exposes insecurities on all sorts of levels. Just my opinion... :-|

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those girls are totally ridiculous... i would have loved to see that fight!

to be honest, i don't consider being called 'fat' an insult. i suppose it onlu hurts to hear that when someone is being deliberately malicious. what i would hurt more is being told i'm stupid or unintelligent, but that's just me. i guess when you've always been thin, you live in fear of being fat - so being called fat touches upon those fears. having been fat most of my life, clearly I'm not afraid of it LOL :)

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Wow. This was a really great post. What you wrote was really interesting.

If being called "fat" really was the final straw, then you're right--this is a sad world.

And to think of all the times I was called fat--I never laid a finger on anyone! If I had heard this story before I might have dealt

out a few punches (just kidding!).



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