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Secret Celebratory Dinner

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Major success for me last night! Yesterday made 21 days since my lapband surgery. Me and the hubby planned a celebratory dinner out. Got a little more than I bargained for. Along the way a friend called and wanted to meet up, so I invited her to dinner with us. Her boyfriend and a couple of other friends ended up coming along as well. So there's 6 of us, 4 of them not knowing about my recent lapband surgery. So this turned out to be a "secret" celebratory dinner.

I ordered a tasty sea bass with vegetable side. It was delicious, I ate really slowly and chewed very well. No one mentioned ordering appetizers. I believe everyone but me ordered a drink. At some point someone asked whether I enjoyed my meal because I was eating so slowly. I said I thought it was great, but know I will have to watch out for that in the future. All in all it was a good meal, but I couldn not finish it all. Everyone was too busy talking socializing to notice how little I ate. I didn't ask for a doggy bag so as not to alert everyone that I didn't finish the meal. And it was a very small meal. Later we went to a bar. I ordered cranberry/vodka, but drank very slowly and left the bar with cocktail still left in the glass.

All in all I have to say it was a successful night. I got a delicious meal and KNOW the band is working. Also got through my first big dinner w/ people that don't know I've been banded. No one suspected a thing... as far as I know. Last night was a test and I think I passed with flying colors! :-D Now I know I can do this.

If that weren't enough, I got on the scale and am pound down. I'm now 217.5 lbs. What a day!

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Great job! I've been out quite a few times with folks that don't know and it is tricky, but doable. When I eat really slow and they ask, I just tell them i'm being more mindful of how I eat and that i'm taking my time b/c they say it takes 10-15 minutes for you to tell your full, so this way i'll know exactly when i'm full and I won't over eat. So far they have all bought it! The not drinking and eating is tougher, but if I have a drink in front of me they don't seem to notice. I used to just not order a drink, but that sounds off alarms so I get a water and just quit drinking it as soon as my food comes.

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Great Job! I have had a couple of instances lately with this too! I was in a bridal party this last weekend so I had to go to the rehersal dinner still on liquids and just told everyone I was doing a "weird liquid diet" but that I was getting sick of it so I'd be eating for the wedding! The next day was my first on solids and it was a "bridesmaid's dinner" where they took us out to pizza, oh lord I thought, what if the crust gets stuck?! So I had a tiny bit of salad and one slice of pizza and it went down really well and no one suspected a thing!

I did have one person ask me if my dinner at the wedding was good because I didn't finish it and I said, oh yeah it's awesome but I am SO full! lol I don't think anyone suspected a thing. :)

The only bummer is that I am not really feeling restriction at all right now so I am definitely looking forward to my fill on the 19th, it can't come soon enough in my opinion!

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Slim ~ that is just AWESOME! You are determine and that what makes your journey a success. You've faith and it shows! GREAT job!

So, how long are you going to keep this a secret??

For as long as I can. I'll eventually tell, in a few years. I want the chance to enjoy the journey, acquire new healthy habits and learn to live with the band on my own. Its already been quite the journey even in the last 3 weeks and I can't wait to go even further. I also want to be at goal weight and maintain that for a while before telling anyone important. Then I'll be able to take any ridicule that comes my way, plus answer any questions for the curious. :-)

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I too had a weekend out this last weekend with good friends who I hadn't seen in a while. Wile I was real mindfull of what I ate, I ordered water with my meal and took only a few sips.

The not drinking thing is the hardest part for me, but Im now getting used to it. I try to drink 16-20 oz of water in between meals. this helps with being thirsty, but I still have a craving for something to drink when I eat!!!

Its getting much easier.


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