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Pineapple Juice Benefits??


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Can someone explain the benefits of drinking pineapple juice. ??? :o

Does this help you if you're stuck? if so, how?? any liquid makes it come up when you eat +

It seems it would be irritating (too acidic)

I saw it in an earlier post & now can't find it to reply and get more details.

so great to have this board....


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Hey--I'm not sure what the benefits are and have never tried it. I think this is the post you might have seen:


Also, you can get chewable papaya tablets (at Walgreen's, CVS, etc) that help tremedously. These I have used. They're easy to take, taste OK, and you can keep the bottle in your purse if you need to.

Good luck--Diana

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Unless something has changed, I was told to never drink anything if you are stuck it just makes things worse. You just have to let it pass - walk around i've been told that helps. Not sure if it does, but when stuff gets stuck I always walk around.

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