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Mom of teen Lapbander

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Should I get surgery? Yes, yes, and yes!

If you are debating lapband surgery, or whether you should get the surgery for your son, or daughter, continue reading.

My daughter at the time, was 15, a beautiful girl ( she really is ), and had a weight problem that had gotten away from her. What had to be difficult for her, was no one else in our family was struggling with obesity.

So we started to research Lapband surgery. We saw Dr. Ortiz on Oprah. We also attended a Bariatric seminar at our local hospital. We did the normal research on the internet.

We spoke with Dr Ortiz on the phone and he put our fears at ease. With some blind faith, we were off to Mexico!

Fast forward nine months and my daughter is a happy 16 year old who is physically active, happy, and healthy. Does she have any regrets, absolutely not!

OCC doctors and staff made us feel welcome, and they treated us better than we are treated by medical staff in the US. I felt, no, I know that the quality of care was superior than that of the US.

I look back and say "I can't believe we went to Mexico and my daughter got Lapband Surgery". So if I can offer a little reassurance to parents who are considering taking this journey, then my work here is done.


Proud Mom of my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (tap out ) daughter

Orlando, Florida USA

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Congrats on the success!!

I'm sure it's really important for your daughter to have such support from her mother--not everyone has support like that.

I was lucky to have had my parents complete support.

I'm sure it's wonderful to see your daughter so happy and healthy.

Good luck!!


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Wow! That's certainly nice to hear. I'm 15, and I'm getting the lap band in march (Only one month away! Ah! :o ) I've been worried what life will be like after the surgery, but it's nice to know first-hand that a girl about my age as been so successful with hers and your decision. It certainly makes me a little less worried.


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