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list of FOOD

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Hi all :-h

can someone pls send me a

list of food to eat rght after the surgery

for at least a month.. I am vegetarian.

Iam getting banded on the 16th.

I spoke to occ .. they said we will give you all the list

I am just scared .. now I am reading how difficult it is for people to loose weight

can someone help me!!!

I thought I could buy things before hand...

God bless us all !!

hope things will go just fine :)

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naz, it's totally understandable that you're scared... i am too! from what i've read, the OCC gives us a package of info after our surgery telling us what and how to eat. we'll be on clear liquids for the first 7-10 days post op, then mushies. i'm stocking my house with broths and kellogg's protein water. i think we're also allowed SF popsicles to suck on. focus on the clear liquids stage, you can always shop for the next stage when you get home.

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The OCC plan does not include a mushy stage....after seven days of clear liquids you go to "full liquids" which they will explain. Just make sure you've got lots of clear liquids and worry about the rest later! That sid, there are a million great vegetarian-friendly soups you can have during full liquids! I like Campbell's Gardenay soups the most.


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Don't worry, they'll give you a list of no-no's that you can't eat for a while. Go ahead and schedule some dental work if you need it, cause you won't need your teeth for a while. Whether you are a vegetarian or a Carnivore like me, you will be drinking most of your food for a while. When you can get back to regular food, just eat small quantities of nutritious food and stay away from the snacks, junk food and fast food.

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It isn't losing the weight that is so hard, it is being patient and making the changes we know we need to when things are not going 100% our way that is hard. Determination to succeed no matter what and willingness to take a good long hard look at yourself and admit or deal with your mess ups are key to your success. Make sure you go into this surgery with the mindset that this band is a tool to help you lose weight, and not the magic cure that will do all the work for you. Like anything in life, if it is worth having, it is worth putting forth some effort to achieve.

You will do fine and keep us posted.

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