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Fill Doctors and Fill Centers

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Bandsters, we would like to hear from all of you concerning your lap band fills. As you know, Dr. Ortiz always recommends that you come back to Tijuana for your lap band fills and aftercare and I know a lot of you do this. But I know sometimes it’s not possible to go back to the OCC for your lap band adjustment for one reason or another. What we’d like is information about whom, why and where you go to for your fills. I’m going to try to compile a list of fill doctors or fill centers that’s a little more complete than the one that is posted. What we’d like is for you to email me and tell me where you go to for your fills, along with contact and pricing info. Include a small paragraph of what you think of this fill doctor or fill center, good or bad. If you could, a small paragraph on why you choose to have your fill somewhere else other than at the OCC. Your opinions would be appreciated and would be confidential. You can email me at occforummoderator@gmail.com

Thanks, Dolittle

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