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Still not losing!!

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So frustrated! I cannot get the scale to move down, it actually went up about 4lbs. even since my second fill. I am going in tomorrow for a third fill. They seem to give me restriction for about a week and then I am able to eat too much food. Having to use more willpower than band power!!! I was really hoping by this stage in the game to be down farther and not going back up! I have 2.4cc's in my 4cc band and am wondering how much they will put in tomorrow and if I should use the florol to make sure that there isn't too much liquid in my tubing and not the band.

I know this is a paitence game, but at times I could just scream!

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Hang in there. I went through the same thing..... I actually have 3.5 in a 4.0 band. I would get a fill and then drop 10lbs and then nothing... Then I would get another fill and everything was great and would loose 5-10lbs and then nothing..... I have started really working on making sure that I am getting really good proteins for everything including snacks and it has helped. I am down to 173lbs so it will be slow and I would really like one more small fill because I can eat some bread products again (that is my tell). Just be patient and keep strong.... You will get there, you don't want to have too much too fast because you could hurt the band....


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I have 3.0cc in my 4.0 band...the Dr said that if you lose a lot of weight in the beginning and if you didn't lose too much during the pre-op phase you might have lost some fat around your stomach which loosens the band. This causes a need for more fluid in the band.

Have you gotten your fills under fluro before? You should definitely do that to be sure you haven't stretched your pouch...

Also too little food is bad...the same way as too much food. You need to find a "happy" medium. I have also found that there are some foods or vitamins that I feel force open the fill quicker (like steaks or really big vitamin pills), I have stayed away this time and still have restriction and it's been almost 3 months. I lost 12 pounds the past three months and have been on a plateau and I realize that I am not getting 1200 calories in.

My last suggestion is that the band really doesn't have power ;-)...many people lose the weight because they use the band as a tool along with their own will power. I went 2 months where I actually gained 10 pounds back (yes in 2 months!)...I realized no matter what the band was there for, there were things I could still consume with no problem...like shakes and ice cream. You have to do your part. I am not saying you are not eating right...because I really don't know what it is you are eating...but maybe you want to start keeping a food journal.

I am sure everything will work out. I have had two fills (Aug 08 and Nov 08) both under fluro. I really suggest it. The last time he even had me drink some water wait a little bit and then eat a piece of toast to ensure I had restriction but it was over filled. It is great what that machine can prove!

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I too am not losing, and have actually started to gain some weight. I have 3.2ccs in a 4cc band, and I could definitely use more. I still haven't had any of the signs of fullness - food getting stuck, sliming, and pb-ing. I do feel full for a longer period of time though, and bread-type stuff takes longer to go down unless I chew it really well. So it forces me to eat slower, which I suppose is a good thing.

I've been sticking to around 1200-1500 calories, so there's no reason why I should be gaining. I'm pretty good about getting enough protein in, so it can't be a nutritional issue. I've recently joined Curves again, which I hope will trigger something. It was suggested to me that 1200 a day (which I've been aiming for) may be too little. It's hard to get my head around the idea that you might need to eat more to lose weight. And maybe each person's threshold for where that optimal calorie intake is is different. In any case, I've emailed Dr. Miranda about this, and I hope she will be able to give me some advice which I can share here, for anyone who's in a similar situation.

Edited to add: I just realized that I've actually GAINED weight since my second fill. My daily calorie intake in the past two weeks has been less, on average, than during the entire month of Jan and leading up to that second fill. And that's correlated with the weight gain. I don't get it at all.

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