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Lap Band over previous gastric bypass--Anyone?

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I had stomach stapeling and regained all the weight I lost and then some. I was banded in October and have lost 60lbs so far. I am well over 100lbs from my all time high. That 60 lbs includes 25lbs I lost before being banded. I had my 2nd fill today. I stayed very strict on the liquid diet they suggest. I did not do mushies and have had no vomiting at this time. I vomited all the time after the stapeling. They never really explained to me how to avoid it after the first surgery which of course was back in the obesity surgery early days. I have not really had restriction so far (although I feel much different after this fill). I did end up with a hematoma after the surgery over the port sight which was dealt with before I came back from Mexico but I had some issues for about 3 weeks. I'm also older (62) so I don't think I bounced back quite as quick as surgery I had when I was younger. Dr. Ortiz told me that people who have failed with previous surgery are more successful than average because they know that this is their last chance. Also I know that following the diet whether restricted or not has to be done. I also found out I had a fistula from the previous surgery when I went to Mexico. I was worried that would prohibit the surgery but it didn't. It's a much bigger investment of course that regular banding. I'm not sorry I did it in fact I'm thrilled with each piece of clothing I can give away. Good luck and don't be afraid to talk to the OCC and Dr. Ortiz and Miranda. I spoke with Dr. Ortiz on the phone before I ever went.

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