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Band Sizes

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I have been banded with a 10.0cm band. Does this mean that I have a 10cc band? I am a little confused....the internet hasn't helped in answering this question for me.

I have also read (I might even be misunderstanding) that there is a 10.0cm band that hold 4cc?

Let me know if you have the answer!

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No, 10CM (circumference) band holds 4CC (volume).

There is a bigger circumference band, I think it is 13CM and it holds 10CC.

This topic should be pinned as it comes up quite often.

The doctors decide which band to use during surgery.

Hope this helps. If the card OCC gave you says 10CM, it is the 4CC band. If you cannot find the card or you are not sure, email them and they will tell you which band you have and how much it holds.

Good luck.


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You are welcome.

There is information out there on the web, I have even seen photos of the two different bands side by side posted right here on this forum but finding that post is another matter entirely. I think the photos came from one of the manufacturer's web sites.

And, this topic (among others) comes up regularly on the forums.

Glad I was able to help answer your question.


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