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The coordinator has no clothes!

I was going through my closet today trying to figure out what to wear to an event and realized that nothing in my closet fits me right! I haven't been this weight since before kids (and since my oldest is 21 that gives you an idea!).

I have things that kind of fit me, but everything is too big.

I'm thinking of heading over to a thrift store or consignment store to pick up a few things since I hate spending $$ on clothes when I'm not sure where I'm going to end up!

I purchased a few things to get me through the summer, but I don't have anything nice to wear.

any ideas? what did you guys do as you were losing? did you borrow from friends, shop at 2nd hand stores or just treat yourself to a few new pieces?

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in that past when clothes have gotten too big I have gone to the thrift shops, always nice things to wear as long as you mix and match, its the perfect transitional store, you help a great org. and when you no longer need them, donate them back!

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I did the thrift shops, but couldn't find anything that worked for this event. I did find a really cute jacket and some jeans, but no dress. I think I can make what I have work. I went shopping and dried on about 10 dresses but I'm just between sizes so I'll wait until I'm truly in an 8 and then do some shopping.

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