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  1. quennee

    Port site hard

    I have had mine for 10 years and recently been told it may be time to take out. I was never under the impression after paying cash for this it would have to be removed. I am not sure what to do at this point, the doctor I see here in CA has been vague in the amount in the band after recently having to do it under Fluro because he couldn't access it. The thought of having to go back to Mexico for this is crazy. I had an upper GI band did not flip, but DR says feels gummy. Not sure hope someone can answer this, thanks.
  2. I am saddened to have to write negative feedback regarding a doctor in Mexico. I booked with Dr Campos In Nov 2010 for a breast lift implants and lipo and was given a contract with a price. I sent a deposit and was scheduled for Oct of this year, however I had to cancel and requested a return of my deposit. I waited and recieved 50% of my deposit I called and read Giselle the cancellation policies on my contract. Giselle the office manager advised me that they had new policies that went in effect Jan 2011. I explained that I had drove down there in Nov 2010 and booked the surgery and was given a contract. I also asked if I could keep the surgery date and do half of the work then. She then advised the date had already been filled with another surgery. WOW to my amazment the spot was now filled and they still wanted a $250 cancellation fee (ever heard of double dipping). I requested she speak to the doctor on my behalf because I had the contract in hand.Giselle then advised she would email the new one but still talk to the doctor. I received a response from the dpctor saying sorry too bad new policy isnt fair if I return your money even though you were given a different contract. I will no longer attempt to rebook with them for 2012 I will go back to Dr Quiiroz or possibly try the OCC doctors.
  3. quennee

    Tummy tuck

    Yeh I would never have surgery until I was done with kids, however I used Quiroz which is good for a LBL. This time I am having a breast lift/implants and lipo and opting to use Dr Campos or the OCC doctors. My estimate for the docs to do that is only around 500 dollar difference. Cos Med was cheaper. So I will have to see what the OCC estimate is.
  4. I kinda can agree with Bandiva regarding a few items, like I said I used Dr Quiroz in Jan 2009 for LBL and lipo. I was planning on returning to him for my breast lift in April 2011, however I am seriously thinking of going with Dr Campos. I have emailed Dr Campos and/or staff on several occasions and have had immediate responses. I have emailed Joyce and it takes weeks to get back to me. I have set up a consultation appt for both doctors in November, so we shall see. I was happy with Dr Quiroz but the way they have Joyce try to handle it all is ignorant. They need to hire people or allow others to help her. If you have any questions please ask.
  5. I had a LBL with him in Jan 2009 I am thrilled with the results, however I had thigh lipo and I wouldnt waste my money on that again. I saw no improvement at all.I am planning on doing a lift and augmentation in March of 2011 with him. The main thing I need to stress is that if you need any paperwork filled out for jobs,benefits,disability get it done while you are there. Joyce has a major work overload and once your gone it takes forever to get anything done.
  6. quennee


    I used CosMed and Recovery by the sea I liked CosMed and will be going back for breast lift with implants. Recovery by the sea needed to get their act together and I even offered to help. It mas mismanaged and not ran as smoothly as it should have been.
  7. quennee

    Has anyone had an inner thigh lift?

    I was also wanting to know I had a lbl with thigh lipo this jan and have alot of extra skin. I was wanting to know about the thigh lift where they cut your groin not down the entire leg. Let me know if anyone has had it and would do it again?
  8. I am looking for a good fill dr near the central valley IE. Bakersfield and Fresno that doesn't cost an arm and leg to get filled? I have been quoted around 350-400 from most doctors, which is way too high especially the fact that they are blind fills. If you can please help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  9. quennee

    Having LBL in Mexico at Cos Med in Jan

    I sent pics and was called by the doctor the next day. You may want to email them again and see whats the hold up. If you are dealing with Joyce the cordinator expect a long wait she is pulled in too many directions and things take forever with her. The care at the OCC was great you will get good care at Cos Med its not like the OCC at all. Hope this helps
  10. quennee

    PS consult app made at cosmed

    I just had a LBL with Dr Q in Jan he was great. I have had a few issues nothing too concerning, but overall good success. I stayed at the aftercare place (a few adjustments could be used there) but overall it was good. I had 15 pounds removed from my butt and stomach. I also had lipo in my thighs (never again) and 1 liter removed of fat.
  11. I am not sure where central cali is to you, but I live in Visalia and there is a female doctor where who does blind fills. As well as a doctor in Sacramento through Fill Center USA. I Hope that helps. I can tell you after having one blind fill it won't happen again. I will make the time and travel to TJ for relief and comfort
  12. quennee

    Other than Cos Med

    I just had a LBL with Cos med in Jan 09. I was treated ok there by staff, alot better at Ortiz's office (My mom noticed a big difference on how she was treated). I liked Dr Quiroz he's great and I am thinking of having my boobs done there, but Joyce on the other hand drops the ball. She forgets and has too many fires burning at once to take care of everything. I also stayed at Recovery by The Sea. I liked the staff, but make sure you get a detailed expense list because it changed over 3 times for me. I was told different things by Sherri and it ended up costing me almost 100 more than what I was quoted. I wish you the best!
  13. quennee

    Having LBL in Mexico at Cos Med in Jan

    I did pay 150 a night however there is additional fees for travel to and from the states and laundry and the pre night. I was quoted a different rate for the pre night stay and the travel and end up paying alomst 200 more for those items. The care was good and the owner and staff extremely nice, but just get everything in writing and take a copy with you. I had erased the emails stating the costs so I ended up paying more. I am now 2 weeks out had I not had the lipo I would have felt alot better, but I am doing good.
  14. quennee

    Having LBL in Mexico at Cos Med in Jan

    I had my LBL with Dr Quiroz on 1-26-09 and it has been a different experience. I would advise if any of you use Recovery By The Sea to get a written estimate with EXACTLY what you are paying for. I liked the recovery place,but there was a bunch of different quotes and money figures used and due. I have had good luck with getting a hold of Cos Med when needed. Iwill see how the rest of the recovery goes.
  15. quennee

    Got Boobs?

    I will be having a LBL in Mexico at CosMed in two weeks, I hear they do good work and had a great meeting with the doctor while I was down there for a fill.