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  1. SooooooooExcited for you!!!! I'm sure you and your husband and your mother are so happy. How are you feeling now? It's been about a month since the news, and I just saw the post. You did an amazing job with weight loss. I have stayed at about 30#'s down. Quick go take a new passport photo, remeber they weren't sure it was you at the border?! I'm sure you look amazing. Say Hi to your family from Shawn and I. Kim
  2. I too had gas pain and still do. At first I would use a heating pad and that really helped. Try not to sit in bed too long, or stay in one position. I was banded 12/3 and now the only time I have shoulder/gas pain is if I am hungry or full. Funny, I know, but like it's been said we are all so different and our journeys are each our own. The phazyme will help as well as the gas strips, just know we all feel your pain, and we have lived through it and so will you. Hang in there!!
  3. So frustrated! I cannot get the scale to move down, it actually went up about 4lbs. even since my second fill. I am going in tomorrow for a third fill. They seem to give me restriction for about a week and then I am able to eat too much food. Having to use more willpower than band power!!! I was really hoping by this stage in the game to be down farther and not going back up! I have 2.4cc's in my 4cc band and am wondering how much they will put in tomorrow and if I should use the florol to make sure that there isn't too much liquid in my tubing and not the band. I know this is a paitence game, but at times I could just scream!
  4. Sarah, I am so glad you are doing well. We were banded the same day and I am kind of stuck at 20 lbs lost. I have also had two fills and I am thinking I may need a third. You are such a beautiful woman and look forward to seeing you and that bundle of joy that I know you are waiting to have!!! Say hi to your mom and husband from us. I know a while back you were having some issues with work and feeling okay. It sounds like you are doing much better. Glad to hear it. And be proud of yourself, I know we all are!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Has anyone checked into this to see if would work in addition to our band? My mom, aunt, and sister in law have done this with great results. I wasnt' sure if it would work for us bandsters. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  6. Sooo Glad you decided to go with the bikini!! I bet you felt so proud of yourself. In reading you post before you left, you said you weren't sure you would put it on even though you bought it. Feeling pretty good about yourself now aren't ya!!! WAY TO GO!!!!! We all look forward to being in your bikini, I mean shoes!!
  7. I am in Tacoma and found out that they come to Pt Orchard once a month. I thought you would like to know.
  8. For me, I had to be careful where my jeans hit, especially if I bent over, this hurt a little. If I were you just take some tylenol before you go!! And have fun!!!
  9. Hi all! I am having ok restriction, I do get full and eat small portions. I can eat anything which isn't always a good thing. I am 6 weeks post op, banded 12/3. Part of me feels with good excercise, I'm just now getting into a good schedule, and keeping to 1/3 or less of what I was eating, and trying to eat healthier, that my weight will come off without having a fill. Or should I keep at the healthy food and excercise for a few weeks and see how I do and then if I'm not doing as good as I think I can, schedule a fill. Help!!
  10. I also suggest having your thyroid checked. It controls so much. Just a thought.
  11. Welcome to Bandland!! Don't forget your gas strips/phazyme, it will save you. Walk as much as you can to releive that awful gas bubble. When you get back to Lucerna and order broth and/or apple juice, remember you do not have to drink it all. Some do and suffer later, take it slow. And happy healing!!! Congrats!! :lb9:
  12. There is some great info posted under Plastic Surgery near the bottom of the page. A few of our advanced members have things done and recommend their surgeons. One is in Maple Valley, Wa. If you were banded by Dr. Ortiz, he works with CosMed in Tijuana, Mexico, not to far from his office. I too have done alot of research recently and noticed that the states seem to have better prices than in Mexico. However, with that said, this isn't just about the price. Make sure you do your homework on the doctor, his credentials, and pics, cover all the bases. There are many forums online that you can read up on and ask questions, just google "plastic surgery forums" and walla! the research is right there. The good, the bad and the ugly. Hope this helps and let us know what you find out.
  13. I too have been disapointed with the scale, so much so that I am choosy as to how often I get on it. I lost 20 lbs from the start of pre-op to 3 weeks post-op. Since then the scale has not budged!!I like another bandsters cute picture on her site of the lady shooting the scale with a gun, it makes me laugh every time I read it. At the beginning I also did not think I would need a fill as soon as recommended, I felt I wouldn't need one for several months with the restriction I felt and how easily I get full. But with the scale not moving, it can get discouraging and I am considering a fill sooner. I do know that even though the scale stays the same, my husband is always saying how he is visibly noticing my loss, in inches. My arms, legs, waist (what's that?!) butt, boobs (read my other post about these girls), neck. So I am encouraged that way. I am also getting back in my head and remembering the determination I had while on the pre-op diet, and how it felt good to loose and I overall just felt better. I think that once we start to eat again, we start to fade and think that it doesn't take as much work on our mental part, that the band will do all the work for us. Wrong thinking! This is a lifestyle change and it is work on a daily basis. I cannot stress enough to plan ahead for meals, vitamins, excercise. It is so easy fall back into old habits. Thanks for all the great posts and atta boys, right back at ya!! =D> Pre-op weight 180 Banded 12/3/08 3 week post-op weight 156 (lowest in a long time) Today 158 ( 5 weeks post op)
  14. I have the skin room, since I WAS larger (36 D to now a 36 saggy , now just sagging/drooping. I am however enjoying not being choked with boobage when I lay down, they just peacefully sit in my armpits!! :lb20: Yesterday I added 2!!water inserts to my bra just to fill up the empty space. I don't want to buy a new bra just yet since I know they are going to shrink even more. I will be looking into a lift and/or implants. Some dr's I've researched will do a lift and then you need to wait one year for implants. Still doing research in Mexico and Washington. I did look into Dr. Nyte in Maple Valley, he does have some good specials, esp if you want saline. Still undecided. Part of me thinks if I am going to spend the money, put um up and the other side says keep them real looking. Decisions, decisions! :wacko2:
  15. Just looking to see if anyone has had a breast lift from Cosmed? Good results? As my weight is going down so are my boobs. Ha Ha! I need to put them back up and possibly an implant. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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