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  1. nothereanymore


    So pretty! Two beautiful woman with their two proud men!
  2. nothereanymore


    You look amazing! Congrats girl!
  3. So proud of you! Congrats - you own your success - and its only going to keep getting better! Go girl! <3
  4. That's great - it’s just taking that step - and finding a program that works for you. Onvo worked for me, because it was education and support. I needed to learn about food and exercise and come to an understanding of how and why I was using it. It should be used in a good way, to help us live better - healthier lives. Before I was using it as a crutch, abusing it as we do drugs and hurting my body, as well as my spirit. I don't care what anyone says, I believe it’s horrible to be obese, we miss out so much in life and die young. We also burden others with our higher costs in the health care as we age and they have to deal with our medical issues. In addition I hid myself and I know others do this as well, we don't fully live life and make excuses not to go out to functions when we know we'll be seen or can't fit in chairs, rides or whatever. And I know that not everyone is like this, but many are and it’s so sad. I hope that we all reach our goals, and focus on living life to the fullest, just get out there and do it. When I was still big and finally came to the realization that I was going to succeed (we need to do that as well) I bought a tiny sports car I could barely fit in. I made myself get out and start living and acting like a smaller person. I then became that person with work, but food is not the end all to me now (OK I still love my sweets from time to time and don't deny myself) it is the fuel that allows me to live life to the fullest and enjoy and the band is something that helps me manage it. The first step is just a baby step, looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you love yourself. Your important enough and strong enough to work this dam band :-) Much love, Lisa ~ 140 pounds lost, a new life gained.
  5. nothereanymore


    You look beautiful!! Congrats!
  6. You'll do great - I also got on the organic band wagon. It’s easier for our stomachs to process and cleaner as well as more vitamins. Since we eat so much less we need to make healthier choices to stay energized so we can really get into exercise and body movement. Have fun during the Holidays - it’s amazing when it’s not all about food, it becomes more about the people. :-)
  7. Congrats!! You are doing great - those changes you are seeing are just the beginning - new and even more cool changes and opertunaties are coming your way! I'm so proud of you!!!
  8. Hello, Banded 10/6/06 High – 275 Current – 133 It’s a great tool, I'm thankful for it every day. But it’s a tool, I work hard, workout and make sure I watch what I eat and drink. I’ve very rarely gain too much weight – I go up and down about 5 pounds on average and just get that it is what it is and don’t worry about it. I’ve had an extended tummy tuck – lippo, breast lift and augmentation. Face lift and going in for something else in March. I do things now on a daily bases that I use to just dream about doing. :-) The best decision I ever made. It gave me a great life and most likely added years onto my life - happy ones.
  9. Don't test it - don't even let yourself eat like normal. This is your time to get ready and train yourself for restriction. I know its hard - anything good is always hard. So start measuring your food - eat your protein first and eat slow - chew every bite 30 times. Then go to veggies, fruit and carbs if you have room. Pretend you have restriction, you will find you should eat less - you should have shrunk your stomach but you can stretch it out fast if you aren't careful. Good luck, work hard and make sure you start moving your body in exercise while still staying away from your core. Lisa
  10. Good luck, I'm going to be honest - we all own our success or failure - not the band - it’s a tool and we need to use it and own up to how we use it. That's the hardest thing to do. If its too high up I get it, but I'm surprised you didn't go back to the OCC for assistance ealier when it wasn't working. Just like the barbell sitting at my desk, if I don't use it correctly (Or even pick it up and use it) it does me no good. If its broken and not working - I'm going in for help - but I also know that I'd most likely get a second opinion, I never do just one. (I've had too many doctors tell me one thing - then another say something else). (One quick note - the most successful bandies from our group stay active on the forum, they come here for help and support). You have to work it, and work it as hard as you can. I lost over 140 pounds, and I worked my ass off and I continue to do it on a daily bases. That's what it takes to be successful. Doctors will tell you different things, I really wish you'd gone back to the OCC if thats where you went originally - have it looked at and get their opinion. I'll be honest - early on if I had you close I'd most likely get you into a fill center often- get a good fill for you - have you attend classes on healthy eating and get you working out. I'm sorry when people tell me they are working hard, eating small amounts and exercising and you can't see then losing weight or changing their bodies - I'm going to be honest - you aren't. It’s hard to hear but you can't cut down on eating and add in exercise into your life and not change your body - it’s not possible. If you try something like this again – get active in the support system – you haven’t been and that was your first fatal flaw. You'll spot trouble faster. Second – I drove 4 hours to get my band filled – had the big one and had 10 fills – I didn’t care what it was going to take I was going to make this work – and I did. I got into eating healthy – realized the band was a tool and I needed to change my life – I then started exercising and do it almost daily. Don't wait years to see success - we know based on feedback from this forum how the succesful people live and their timelimes of success. You want something bad enough you’re going to succeed – nothing is guaranteed in life. I changed mine – been very athletic and healthy for years now, but it’s my success – the band helped a little but I did all the hard work and it paid off. I can tell I’m not going to go back to being morbidly obese, my life is not the same. I’m living now and will never give up, the band was the tool that it took for me to get here. I understand your frustration, but I'd tell you to go to the mirrow and look straight at yourself and get that you own it. Not to look back and feel bad - but to go forward and become succesful with whatever method you chose. Take care, I wish you the best. Lisa
  11. It’s not something you want to do. I have anti nausea pills in case I ever get sick. Have I ever thrown up – yes – (I can't tell you where it comes from...) but there’s always a chance you can slip your band if you throw up hard. We generally work hard not to. How do you do that? You stay away from sick people – wash your hands often – and keep anti nausea medication on hand. I have some at home – at the office and in my purse. You never know – and they do work. If you ask your doctor for a prescription, they will most likely give you one. Over the counter anti nausea works too.
  12. Smile, you're OK. We all have our little bumps in the road. Great recognizing this and getting back on the "band" wagon! You'll do fine - just follow the program you're on now and keep up the hard work - its not a diet, this is a lifelong commitment and we have to learn how to incorporate these changes in our lives so that they will stick - forever. That's the hard part, not loosing the weight but learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that takes commitment and time. And we're all going to blow it from time to time - so we have to have forgiveness for ourselves and love - otherwise we delve into that dark realm of continued failure - and that's no fun. Have fun with your new plan!
  13. So I'm finally feeling really good, wish I could go exercise but its too soon. I miss that more than anything. Its not just the fact that it keeps me tone and in shape - I've very addicted to the endorphins. The surgery went really well, it lasted longer than originally thought. I was in at 7:30am and my friend was called at 4:00pm to pick me up, and they were still putting on my blue peel at that time. I went to a doctor that specializes in faces, (is great in other areas too) but Dr. George Marosan was someone that was known for his atistry in the face. Which means he looks at your face and tries to bring the true you through the use of cosmetic surgery. At only 9 days out, I can already see that its going to be amazing. Its kind of scary. My face before I became morbidly obese was always heart-shaped. When I gained the 140 pounds it was pretty much just a big pumpkin..... As I lost the weight the skin went down and caused it to be oblong because of my hanging neck and jowls, most didn't see it or recognize what it was - I did and it really bothered me. Its nice to have it back to being heart shaped again. His consultation was amazing, he really explained things to me - set a list of items out there and I could take what I wanted - I was lucky that I was able to take all of them, from the face lift - lower eyes, fat grafts and peel. However I look very young. I turn 49 this month, ran out to wholefoods, grabbed a bottle of wine - got carded and the guys face dropped when he read my age (the avatar picture is right when I came back from the store). So he may have done his job a little bit too good. :-) http://www.bellevueplasticsurgeons.com/ If anyone in the greater Seattle are is looking to have some work done, I highly recommend him. Take a look at my pictures, I'll be putting his before shots up, I saw them yesterday, and it was kind of painful - like when I took a look at my before pictures of my tummy. Its hard to look at something like that and realize its you. You just can't fix lose skin without surgery, that's all there is too it. Hope everyone is doing well. I'll update and create an area focused on my PS soon. Best, Lisa
  14. Congrats, you rock girl! I love watching your progress - you are doing great! You lost over 70 pounds the first year - (that matches my weight loss too)! Go sister!
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