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  1. Bev - I'm with you! I was banded in March 2010, starting weight 221, surgery weight 205, got down to 168 but am back up to 180. I bought a "fit bit' that tracks my steps all day, and calculates calories, etc a little more accurately than the average pedometer. I find wearing it gives me a little more motivation. I'm looking at cooler weather in the future and want to be able to wear my 168-jeans so that's giving me motivation now.....lets see what we can do!!
  2. I found a fill doctor in Newport News, VA who will do fills on out-of-country Band patients!! He was very complimentary of the documentation cards provided by OCC in helping him identify my band. He's not cheap - my first appt, which included a new patient history and blind fill, was $300 and if you want a fluro fill it's $300, but it's still less expensive than a flight from the east coast to San Diego. The doctor is: Anthony D. Terracina, MD FACS Tidewater Surgical Specialists 12720 McManus Blvd Ste 305 Newport News, VA 23602 (757) 947-3170 tidewatersurgical.com
  3. karenci

    advice anyone???

    I had my surgery at OCC this past March, and got the 11cc Johnson & Johnson SAGB VC band. My husband was banded last month here in the states last month, he was given the Allergan band. One of his nurses told us that my band is actually more state-of-the-art than his!
  4. karenci


    Hang in there! It's not magic, it's a tool (how many times have you heard that!?) I was banded 7 mos ago and have slowly lost 35 lbs - reintroducing alcohol to my diet put a big halt to the weight loss, but I learned that lesson! Try to stop thinking of it as a 'diet', it's a lifestyle change. Start eating now like you're going to eat for the rest of your life. The band works by forcing you to slow down your eating so your brain gets the message that your tummy is satisfied before you've wolfed down a couple thousand calories. Different foods stick for different people -I have no problem with bread or rice, but have a hard time with hard boiled egg whites and cucumbers! Pay attention to what gets stuck, usually it's something you tend to swallow without chewing thoroughly. Also try to take smaller bites, because again, part of a larger bite may go down without being completely chewed - I have to cut steak into really tiny pieces, 'cause a piece of gristle can ruin your night :-) I just scheduled my 3rd fill because I'm getting hungry sooner after a meal. I just keep telling myself it took me years to put on this weight, it's not going to disappear in a matter of a few months.
  5. Having hubby banded will definately help! I was banded 3/18 and did great. . .at first. . .lost 35 of the 65 lbs I need to, but then summer and bad habits (beach, boat & booze!) brought it to a screeching halt. Hubby was banded 6 weeks ago and it's definately gotten me back on track!!
  6. Hello! I am doing pretty darn good! had my first fill on the 20th of July, 1.5 cc's I think i could be alittle more restricted, but still losing...down 37 pounds - woo hoo! I can't eat until about noon, I drink a protein drink in the morning's (if I can) and a light lunch....as long as I'm losing, I do ok! How is everyone else doing?

  7. karenci


    I'm flying in on the 7th for my second fill the morning of the 8th - anyone else at the Marriott the evening of July 7??
  8. karenci

    should I stay or go?

    I am heading out for my second fill next week - I live in coastal North Carolina, so it's alot of travel for me each way. I leave at 9 AM on wednesday and arrive in San Diego at 5:45 PM - so have to wait till the next morning to get my fill, then catch a 1:30 flight back and land at midnight with a 2 1/2 hour drive home from the airport. When I went for my first fill I made a weekend of it, but that's harder to do this time - it's tourist season and I work weekends. First fill left me with no restriction so I am hoping this one hits the sweet spot. I plan to eat a light lunch at the airport and if there's a problem I guess I'll miss my flight!
  9. Maybe the hint is to read it with different emphasis - as in, don't pick the cheapest place in Mexico for your surgery, do your homework and pick the BEST place - That's what I did and I love OCC!!
  10. You look FANTASTIC!! I can't wait to see your post-surgery pics - you're gonna be a complete knock out! Thank you for being such an inspiration to the rest of us
  11. karenci

    Pre op Diet

    Emjoy your pre-op diet - it beats the post-op liquids! But it will all be worth it - good luck!!!
  12. karenci

    Scale equal enemy

    Another thing to watch out for is the size tag in your clothing - they lie! I told myself that I was a size 14 - because I had a couple of generously cut 14's that I could get into with the help of a spanx - but in reality I was a 16 or 18. Now, down 29 lbs, I am wearing 'real' 14's and the occasional well-cut 12 - so if I let that tag influence me I'd be totally discouraged. I have a pair of size 14 Lee 'slimming' jeans that I could get into before (by laying on the bed and sucking in my stomach) as long as I washed them in cold water and line-dried. Now I can wear them if I wash them in hot water and run through the dryer, but only for an hour or so until the sag gets too bad - those are my ruler. When I can't even wear them hot out of the dryer I will know I've made some serious progress!!
  13. karenci

    Just got me band

    CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life. My advice is to read through the posts on the forum (something to do instead of eat :-) and keep in mind that while there is lots and lots of good info here, you also have to remember that it is different for everyone and not to expet your restriction, weight loss, etc to mirror anyone elses. Holler when you have questions, feel discouraged, need encouragement, or want to crow about your success - we'll be here to cheer you along!
  14. I'm glad it's working for you, I don't know what I would do w/out my sugar-free morning mochas!!
  15. Debbie - You are lucky to be feeling restriction, so far I have felt little unless I eat too big a bite, don't chew thoroughly or eat too fast - then it kicks in, but otherwise I can eat whatever and as much as I want. I have had one fill and am getting ready to schedule a second. So much of the difference (for me, and it's different for everyone) is that although I don't necessarily feel FULL after a much smaller meal, between the band and the slower eating I am able to quit eating when I should - I still have to watch what I eat, exercise - so the band is the tool it is meant to be. I am hoping that I find that wonderful 'sweet spot' and the restriction that folks talk about, but until the miracle happens I am using the tool. As you read through the forum you'll pick up all sorts of tips and advice - cobble it all together into something that works for YOU!! Good luck!